How will being a member of INSIG benefit me?
INSIG is a professional body of the Australian Nursing Midwifery Federation (ANMF Vic Branch) that was established in 2004 to support Nurses working in Immunisation Practice. INSIG aims to provide a forum that facilitates communication, discussion and encourages professional development for immunisation nurses in the State of Victoria. Financial members will have access to a range of resources that can be found in the member’s only section. This section will be updated at least monthly. By becoming a member, you will be tapping into an invaluable resource that is designed and expected to grow in the future.
What Sort Of Information Will I Gain Access To?
The information that will be posted in the members section is for members only. The public cannot access it, and thus it is information strictly for people within the industry. The information you will gain access to will be the latest and most relevant to the immunisation profession, as deemed by the INSIG leadership group.
Country members
INSIG have started recording Member Meetings and hope to regularly produce content so Country members will have access to video and audio recordings of meetings. Additionally, metropolitan members not able to attend meetings will be able to access the content.
What Are The Costs Of Being A Member?
Membership is $40 per year. The term is the standard financial year from July 1st to June 30th.
How Do I Sign Up?
Membership is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Make your payment securely using your PayPal account or your credit card using the secure PayPal gateway
  2. After payment, you will receive an automated email with your membership details and where you can log in to the INSIG member area
It's that easy!

If you an are existing member you will automatically receive a renewal each year and can simply pay by clicking the 'Subscription' button in this email.
Is There A Community-Type Aspect To Membership?
Members are invited to attend conferences, functions and meetings several times a year where knowledge can be swapped and information exchanged.
Am I Locked In To Membership?
Not at all. You do not need to renew at the end of the term and your membership will simply lapse.
How Do I Update My Details?
It is very important that we have an up to date email address for you as this is the only way we correspond with you.

Please ensure any email address changes are updated in the members area. You can do this by logging on with the user details that were sent to you when you subscribed.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to email us at

Become a member!

Days of membership remaining 5

Note: membership is from July 1 to June 30.
You don't need to be a prior member of INSIG to join.

If you have any queries about membership, please contact us via
Credit Card Payment
To pay via Credit Card, click the 'Subscribe' button or the 'Subscribe to INSIG' link and then select the 'Pay with a credit card or debit card' option on the PayPal webpage.

You don't need to be a PayPal member or register to pay via Credit Card. Transactions are fully encrypted and use the same protection technologies as your normal bank.
PayPal Payment
To pay via a PayPal account, click the 'Subscribe' button or the 'PaySubscribe to INSIG' link and input your PayPal login information. You need to have previously registered with PayPal to use this option.