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INSIG Membership during the COVID pandemic

INSIG is currently offering free membership for 6 months from the 1st of July 2020 – 31st December 2020 due to the changes COVID has brought about with the group.

INSIG plan to offer a discounted membership of $20 after this period, which will take us from 1st Jan 2021 to the end of the financial year 30th June 2021. We will notify members once the free membership period has elapsed.

What about immunisation professionals that have never been part of the group or old INSIG members?

We are offering the free membership to past INSIG members and even immunisation professionals who have never been a member of INSIG. So please pass on the message to anyone that may be interested in joining as it will aid us in growing the group member base and make for a great 2021 Biennial Conference!

How will being a member of INSIG benefit me?

INSIG provides a forum that facilitates communication, discussion and encourages professional development for immunisation nurses in the State of Victoria. Financial members will have access to a range of resources. Some of those resources are available on the INSIG Members' Area and others are available by attending the free Member Meetings.

Members are invited to attend conferences, functions and meetings several times a year where knowledge can be swapped and information exchanged.

INSIG members will have access to a range of resources that can be found in the member’s only section. This section will be regularly updated. By becoming a member, you will be tapping into an invaluable, growing resource for Immunisation professionals.

Remote/Country members

INSIG now record Member Meetings and to produce content so remote/Country members will have access to video and audio recordings of meetings and presentations. Additionally, metropolitan members not able to attend meetings will be able to access the content.

What Are The Costs Of Being A Member?

Membership is currently FREE 'til the 1st of January 2021. For the following 6 months (Jan 1 - Jun 30 2021) it's just $20. Once this financial year finishes membership returns to just $40 per year. The normal membership period is the standard financial year from July 1st to June 30th.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • If you're an immunisation professional and have never been a member of the group, please join up! Just click the 'Become a member' button and fill in your details and we'll sign you up.
  • If you're a past INSIG member, click the same 'Become a member' button and we'll reinstate your membership.
  • If you were a member for 2019-2020, you don't need to do anything as your membership automatically carries through to Jan 1st 2021

I've already paid for 2020-2021!

Don't worry, we'll get in contact and organise a refund!

The membership period runs from July 1 to June 30.

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